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Art on the Way

Prerona Saikia's camera sets out to capture street art and its creators.

What is art? And who decides it?

Shruti is a trapeze artist who has quite a few tricks up her sleeves. She uses various things as hurdles while she walks the rope at a height of at least 4 feet in the air.


This tricky game of balance is a mirror-like reflection of her real life, where she juggles responsibilities to make a living.

In this day and age when we capture our favourite moments in the form of photographs, much like this photo series, Jaideep Shetty believes that the essence of a moment is truly captured on a canvas. His eye for detail, the precise strokes of his brush, and the patience of a saint are what make Jaideep the artist that he is today.

Having learnt the art of tattooing from her mother-in-law, Sunita Shivaji Yadav is a tattoo artist who has been practising her craft outside Girgaon chowpatty for 20 years. Customers pick a design from her book, and get it tattooed on themselves for prices as low as Rs. 30 for a letter. "Permanent hai beta," is what Sunita says. (It's permanent, my child)

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Under the foot-over bridge at Grant Road sits Sandeep who threads together stunning pieces of jewellery for you within minutes using his majestic collection of multi-coloured beads.

On the streets of chor bazaar sits a craftsman who makes chandeliers. He has been in this business for over forty years now and hand paints every single piece of his.