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Sobi Ghar

Sobi Ghar (House of Cinema) is not just a podcast on cinema, but an attempt at bringing to the attention of the rest of the country the presence of northeast India. People draw boundaries but art doesn’t.  With this attitude, the host, Prerona Saikia is here to talk non-stop about Indian cinema from the northeast. This podcast brings you the best movies produced in all the states of the seven sisters. The episodes primarily consist of a very personal review of the movie, a segment of the host gushing over certain characters, a little bit of serious analysis (if the host can stop gushing) and lots and lots of obsessing over cinema in general. Want to know what to watch next? Don’t worry, baideo (elder sister) is here. Airing once a week, Sobi Ghor will surely give you a list of many must-watch movies in no time! So here’s to the love for all kinds of cinema.

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