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We have been living in a time warp. We have gone through what felt like a never-ending loop of online-offline classes. For months, when we started, we only saw each other through the little windows on our screens and got a rare look into each other’s homes and intimate worlds. Despite classes being virtual, the uncertainties around us brought us closer than we imagined. When we finally met on campus, it felt like we had known each other for ages.

After our second stint of online classes, we realized that for the last two years, those windows had defined us in more ways than one. The world came in only through our windows; both virtual and physical. We were fortunate enough to be able to come back to campus, again, and this time we were pushed out into the world. We were lost, unsettled, excited, scared, and overwhelmed. The rush of exploring a city again, chasing our dream stories, and blossoming friendships were all great, but sometimes we missed the tranquility of online classes.

Invariably, we found ourselves trying to bridge the gaps between our inside and outside worlds through our Marginalia stories this year. Shristi Roy looks at how homes across the country prepare laal chutney differently, Dnyaneshwari Burghate highlights how young people seek familiarity in new places, and Jessica Jani writes an ode to the warmth of Mumbai’s dive bars. We also explore how women from different walks of life have coped with the post covid world.  These and more are the stories that we, the batch of SCM 2021-22, bring to you through the 35th edition of Marginalia. 
Happy reading and happy looking out! 

The Editorial Team:

Dnyaneshwari Burghate

Jessica Jani 

Umme Salma Saifee

Visual Editor:

Maahi Shah


Shristi Roy