Understanding the importance of gendered language, gendered perspectives and the need for voices with Sameera Khan, senior journalist and co-writer of Why Loiter, the book that became a movement. Oh, and she was once co-editor, Byline ( SCM Sophia 1989-1990).

Jashvitha Dhagey and Umama Momin

The lockdown has taken its toll on our mental health. Ria Chheda seeks some answers.


Ria Chheda

A frantic text message I sent to a close friend on April 9, 2020:“It’s 12 am and my dad just left. I am so scared, he just got a call. A person has been tested positive here in Dhar.”  I remember watching my father putting on his shoes while the man on the walkie-talkie updated about some containment zone with urgency.

Shreya Muley

Would you trade the feeling of rocking a lehenga with the sadness of staying in your pyjamas the whole year? 

Harman Khurana

Here's how a fish vendor of the Citylight Market pioneered home supply during the pandemic 

Avantika Bhattacharyya

Someone has to have a smart phone. Someone has to pay for data. On-line education means many are falling behind.

Lakshika Mathur

While conversations surrounding sex and sexual freedom are starting to become normal amongst a certain demographic of young women, the complicated dynamics of getting an abortion in India are scarcely touched upon

Tanvi Dalvi

In this photo essay, Shreya Muley captures her psychological landscape and recalls personal lockdown observations inside the physical space she inhabited during the course of Covid 19 pandemic in 2020.

Shreya Muley

In this photo essay Harman Khurana attempts to recreate the changes in her mental, physical and emotional states while being infected with the COVID 19 virus. 

Harman Khurana