The Home and the World

 by Sakshi Vishwakarma

Some people retreated to their vacation homes; but for most of us, the virus came as a prison sentence. We were under home arrest.Space contracted, time expanded. We were under threat from a tiny spiral of protein wrapped in ribonucleic acid.And so I tried to direct my attention towards the smaller things that life has to offer. 

It was during this time that I started listening closely to the sounds of my neighbourhood. The constant traffic noise was muted. However, the city lived on through a variety of sounds to lend my ear to and I tried to capture these audio bytes. 

While pondering upon this idea, I decided to ask a friend of mine, Shreya Muley, about the sounds of her surroundings since she was located in Manasa, a village in district Neemuch of Madhya Pradesh. 

We collected these audio bytes and decided to collate them as a small audio-visual piece titled - Ghare Bhaire. (The Home and The World).

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Artwork by Sakshi Vishwakarma